Maintaining Our Fleet

We make a conscious effort to ensure your family’s experience is as carefully planned and detailed as if you had arranged the day yourself. We take great care as if your reputation is on the line. Our commitment to service goes well beyond the funeral home and includes our immaculate fleet of transportation vehicles. Continuous maintenance of our fleet is important in maintaining the longevity and appearance of our vehicles for your comfort.

The history of the fleet in our profession has evolved from the horse drawn hearse that could transport lighter and less elaborate coffins to the technology of our modern vehicles. Vehicles of today come with greater regulations and dangers, thus requiring more frequent visits to the auto shop. Our fleet is regularly checked for repair maintenance issues and we anticipate even the minor repairs to be made to ensure your ride in our fleet is safe and comfortable. To maintain the exterior from rust and repair marks, washing and waxing is extremely important to the current and resale value of our fleet. Cleaning is performed routinely unless the vehicles are scheduled to transport for the day in which case, they are detailed that morning inside and out. We stock our fleet with fresh tissues, bottles of water and even umbrellas and first aid kits to ensure we are prepared for most any situation that may arise.

At Hayes Brothers Funeral Home, we anticipate the minor details, so they don’t become major along the way. Our dedication is motivated by your happiness and comfort. We have been established for over 30 years and don’t take lightly the responsibility and confidentiality entrusted to us by your family. Proudly we serve Orange, Seminole and Lake County for your cremation, burial, pre-planning needs

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